How to exercise in Winter

As winter sets in, many people discontinue their outdoor activities until they are available in the Spring again. It is still important to maintain healthy fitness levels throughout the year. Fortunately, a wide range of indoor exercise activities are available when the weather gets colder to effectively replace one’s outdoor fitness regime.

Indoor activity and exercise programs include the following:

Supine leg roll-overs (core)

Supine hip presses (core)

Plank (core)

All-fours leg raises (core)


Bodyweight squats

Bodyweight split-squat

Walking hamstring lunges

Jumping jacks

Rapid standing leg lifts

Abdominal crunches (core)

Leg raises

Resistance band seated row

Resistance band shoulder press

The equipment you will need for these indoor activities is a 6-foot-long exercise mat and a resistance band.

It’s recommended to perform the entire routine in a single session, but it is also possible to divide them into groups. For example, legs and 1-2 core exercises, upper body and 1-2 core exercises, aerobic exercises and 1-2 core exercises. Then perform each group on a separate day. The overall goal is to do 30 minutes of vigorous exercise five days a week. These indoor activities/exercise programs incorporate strength training, aerobic exercise, and core exercise. It could quite possibly replace going to the gym ever again!

Regular chiropractic care at Shaw Chiropractic is another key component to all exercise programs and will provide both support and benefits for both indoor and outdoor exercise activity. Regular chiropractic care detects and corrects spinal misalignments and sources of nerve irritation. It also helps enable your body to perform at peak capacity and function at high levels of effectiveness.